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Last update:1 Jun 2024
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Spectral Camera with Optical Reducer for Photometric and Interferometric Observations -2


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  1. Nature of the diffuse emission sources in the H I supershell in the galaxy IC 1613,
    Yarovova, A. D., Moiseev, A. V., Gerasimov, I. S., Vu?eti?, M. M., Egorov, O. V., Ili?, D., Mereminskiy, I. A., Pakhomov, Y. V., & Sholukhova, O. N.
    2024, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 529, 4930; --> ADS link
  2. Optical identification and follow-up observations of SRGA J213151.5+491400. A new magnetic cataclysmic variable discovered with the SRG observatory,
    Balman, S., Khamitov, I., Kolbin, A., Cal?skan, E. A., Bikmaev, I., et al.
    2024, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 684, A190; --> ADS link
  3. Stellar feedback impact on the ionized gas kinematics in the dwarf galaxy Sextans B,
    Gerasimov, I. S., Egorov, O. V., Moiseev, A. V., Kniazev, A. Y., Lozinskaya, T. A., & Egorova, E. S.
    2024, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 529, 1138; --> ADS link
  4. Pre-perihelion observations of long-period comet C/2013 X1 (PANSTARRS),
    Shubina, O., Ivanova, O., Petrov, D., Luk'yanyk, I., Rosenbush, V., & Kiselev, N.
    2024, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 528, 7027; --> ADS link
  5. Discovery and characterisation of a new Galactic Planetary Nebula,
    Celnik, W. E., Karachentsev, I., Kchling, P., Kotov, S., Kozok, J., Magrini, L., Moiseev, A., Nischang, M., Reese, C., Remmel, P., Riepe, P., & Zilch, T.
    2024, arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2402.05658; --> ADS link
  6. The TELPERION survey for extended emission regions around active galactic nuclei: a strongly interacting and merging galaxy sample,
    Keel, W. C., Moiseev, A., Uklein, R., & Smirnova, A.
    2024, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 530, 1624; --> ADS link
  7. The Most Distant H I Galaxies Discovered by the 500 m Dish FAST,
    Xi, H., Peng, B., Staveley-Smith, L., For, B.-Q., Liu, B., Chen, R.-R., Yu, L., Ding, D., Guo, W.-J., Zou, H., Xue, S., Wang, J., Brink, T. G., Zheng, W., Filippenko, A. V., Yang, Y., Wei, J., Dai, Y. S., Li, Z.-J., He, Z., Jiang, C., Moiseev, A., & Kotov, S.
    2024, The Astrophysical Journal, 966, L36; --> ADS link
  8. Long-slit spectral study of the unusual post-interacting galaxy Arp 263,
    Zasov, A. V., Saburova, A. S., Egorov, O. V., Lander, V. Y., Afanasiev, V. L., & Uklein, R. I.
    2024, MNRAS, 528, 294; --> ADS link
  9. LAMOST J040901.83+329355.6 - a new Galactic star with Wolf-Rayet characteristics in the transitional stage from post-asymptotic giant branch to central star of a planetary nebula,
    Maryeva, O., Abdulkarimova, A., Karpov, S., Moiseev, A., & Oparin, D.
    2024, MNRAS, 527, 11925; --> ADS link
  10. Star formation in outer rings of S0 galaxies. VI. NGC 1211: Bar resonance versus accretion,
    Tsvetkov, N., Moiseev, A., Sil'chenko, O., Katkov, I., Oparin, D., Uklein, R., & Smirnova, A.
    2024, A&A, 682, L16; --> ADS link
  11. Results of polarimetric and photometric observations of NEAs 162082 (1998 HL1), 163373 (2002 PZ39), 52768 (1982 OR2), and 159402 (1999 AP10),
    Kiselev, N. N., Savushkin, A. A., Petrov, D. V., Antoniuk, K. A., Zhuzhulina, E. V., Karpov, N. V., & Afanasiev, V. L.
    2024, MNRAS, 527, 3174; --> ADS link
  12. Long-Term Optical Monitoring of Broad-Line AGNs (LoTerm AGN): Case Study of NGC 3516,
    Ilic D., Popovic L. C., Burenkov A., Shablovinskaya E., Malygin E., Uklein R., Moiseev A. V., Oparin D., Patino Alvarez, V. M. et al.
    2023, Physics, 6, 31; --> ADS link
  13. Enigmatic Emission Structure around Mrk 783: Cross-Ionization of a Companion 100 kpc Away,
    Moiseev A.V., Smirnova A.A., Movsessian T.A.
    2023, Universe, 9, 493 ; --> ADS link
  14. S0 Galaxies: Outer Gas Accretion through Tidal Interaction and Minor Merging,
    Sil'chenko O., Moiseev A.V., Smirnova A., Uklein R.
    2023, Galaxies, 11, 119; --> ADS link
  15. Ionizing spotlight of active galactic nucleus,
    Moiseev A.V., Smirnova A.A.
    2023, Galaxies, 11, 118; --> ADS link
  16. Probing AGN with spectropolarimetry: accretion disc and SMBH parameters,
    Piotrovich, M. Y., Shablovinskaya, E. S., Malygin, E. A., Buliga, S. D., & Natsvlishvili, T. M.
    2023, MNRAS, 526, 2596; --> ADS link
  17. Optical circular polarization of blazar S4 0954+65 during high linear polarized states,
    Liodakis, I., Shablovinskaya, E., Blinov, D., Savchenko, S. S., Malygin, E., Kotov, S., Kiehlmann, S., Readhead, A. C. S., Potter, S. B., Rieger, F. M., Grishina, T. S., Hagen-Thorn, V. A., Kopatskaya, E. N., Larionova, E. G., Morozova, D. A., Troitskiy, I. S., Troitskaya, Y. V., Vasilyev, A. A., Zhovtan, A. V., & Borman, G. A.
    2023, A&A, 680, L11; --> ADS link
  18. New candidate LBV in the NGC 891 galaxy,
    Solovyeva, Y. N., Vinokurov, A. S., & Kaldybekova, A. B. 2023, INASAN Science Reports, 8, 164;
    --> ADS link
  19. Study of the luminous star J073620.47+653701.9 in the galaxy NGC 2403,
    Kaldybekova, A. B., Galimova, E. K., Solovyeva, Y. N., & Vinokurov, A. S.
    2023, INASAN Science Reports, 8, 131; --> ADS link
  20. SDSS J085414.02+390537.3 -- a new asynchronous polar,
    Kolbin, A. I., Suslikov, M. V., Kochkina, V. Y., Borisov, N. V., Burenkov, A. N., & Oparin, D. V.
    2023, arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2308.04597; --> ADS link
  21. Intraday variations of polarization vector in blazars: a key to the optical jet structure?,
    Shablovinskaya, E., Malygin, E., & Oparin, D.
    2023, The Multimessenger Chakra of Blazar Jets, 375, 66; --> ADS link
  22. 3D structure of HII regions in the star-forming complex S254-S258,
    Kirsanova M.S., Moiseev A.V., Bolley P.
    2023, MNRAS, 526, 5187; --> ADS link
  23. Signatures of Feedback in the Spectacular Extended Emission Region of NGC 5972 ,
    Harvey T., Maksym W. P., Keel W., Koss M., Bennert V. N.., Chojnowski S. D.., Treister E., Finlez C., Lintott Ch. J., Moiseev A., Simmons B. D., Sartori Lia F., Urry M.
    2023, MNRAS, 526, 4174; --> ADS link
  24. The gas kinematics in the Magellanic type galaxy NGC 7292,
    Gusev A.S., Moiseev A.V., Zheltoukhov S.G.
    2023, Astrophysical Bulletin, 78, 293; Russian PDF; --> ADS link
  25. Long-lasting activity of asteroid (248370) 2005 QN173 ,
    Ivanova, Oleksandra; Licandro, Javier; Moreno, Fernando; Luk'yanyk, Igor; Markkanen, Johannes; Tomko, Du?an; Husrik, Marek; Cabrera-Lavers, Antonio; Popescu, Marcel; Shablovinskaya, Elena; Shubina, Olena
    2023, MNRAS, 525, 402 --> ADS link
  26. SDSS J085414.02+390537.3 -- a new asynchronous polar,
    Kolbin, A. I.; Suslikov, M. V.; Kochkina, V. Yu.; Borisov, N. V.; Burenkov, A. N.; Oparin, D. V.
    2023, eprint arXiv:2308.04597 --> ADS link
  27. Astronomical Camera Based on a CCD261-84 Detector with Increased Sensitivity in the Near-Infrared,
    Afanasieva I., Murzin V., Ardilanov V., Ivaschenko N., Pritychenko M., Moiseev A., Shablovinskaya E., Malygin E.
    2023, Photonics, 10, 774; --> ADS link
  28. The star in RNO 54: A possible post-FUor with a short faint jet ,
    Magakian T. Yu., Movsessian T.A., Andreasyan H.R., Moiseev A.V., Uklein R.I.
    2023, A&A, 675A, 79M; --> ADS link
  29. Optical counterparts of two candidate ultraluminous X-ray sources in NGC 4536,
    Avdan, H.; Sonbas, E.; Dhuga, K. S.; Vinokurov, A.; G??, E.; Avdan, S.; Solovyeva, Y. N.; Kostenkov, A. E.; Shablovinskaya, E. S.; Goktas, D.
    2023, MNRAS, 521, 5298 --> ADS link
  30. Quasi-simultaneous photometric, polarimetric, and spectral observations of distant comet C/2014 B1 (Schwartz) ,
    Ivanova, Oleksandra; Rosenbush, Vera; Luk'yanyk, Igor; Markkanen, Johannes; Kleshchonok, Valery; Kolokolova, Ludmilla; Husrik, Marek; Kiselev, Nikolai; Andreev, Maxim; Afanasiev, Viktor
    2023, A&A, 672, 76 --> ADS link
  31. Optical Study of the Polar BM CrB in a Low State ,
    Kolbin, A. I.; Borisov, N. V.; Burenkov, A. N.; Spiridonova, O. I.; Bikmaev, I. F.; Suslikov, M. V.
    2023, AstL, 49, 129 --> ADS link
  32. Gas and stars in the Teacup quasar looking with the 6-m telescope,
    Moiseev A. V., Ikhsanova A. I.
    2023, Universe, 9(2), 66; --> ADS link
  33. Spectroscopic confirmation and photometry of the nova candidate AT 2023ax ,
    Valeev, A. F.; Vinokurov, A. S.; Solovyeva, Y. N.; Sarkisyan, A. S.; Oparin, D. V.
    2023, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 15867
  34. Spectroscopic confirmation and photometry of the nova candidate PNV J00424067+4115451 ,
    Vinokurov, A.; Valeev, A.; Uklein, R.; Maslennikova, O.; Sarkisyan, A
    2023, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 15840
  35. GRB 230116D: SAO RAS photometry ,
    Belkin S., Moskvitin A., Pozanenko A., Moiseev A., Oparin D., Pankov N., IKI FuN, GRB
    2023, GRB Coordinates Network, GCN 33191
  36. GRB 230116D: SAO RAS redshift,
    A. Moskvitin, A. Pozanenko, A. Moiseev, D. Oparin, S. Belkin
    2023, GRB Coordinates Network, GCN 33187
  37. Star formation in outer rings of S0 galaxies. V. UGC 4599 - an S0 with gas probably accreted from a filament ,
    Sil'chenko O. , Moiseev A., Oparin D., Beckman J. E., Font J.
    2023, A&A, 669L, 10; --> ADS link
  38. Search for LBVs in the Local Volume galaxies: study of two stars in NGC 1156,
    Solovyeva Y. ,Vinokurov A., Tikhonov N., Kostenkov A., Atapin K., Sarkisyan A., Moiseev A., Fabrika S., Oparin D., Valeev A.
    2023, MNRAS, 518, 4345; --> ADS link
  39. Unveiling the nitrogen-rich massive star in the metal-poor galaxy NGC 4068,
    Yarovova A., Egorov O., Moiseev A. V., Maryeva O.
    2023, MNRAS, 518, 2256; --> ADS link
  40. Unveiling the Environments of Extreme Massive Stars,
    Kraus M., Liimets T., M. Arias L., Moiseev A., Cidale L.S., Torres A.F., Nickeler D. H.
    2022, Azerbaijani Astronomical Journal, 17, 7 ; --> ADS link
  41. Search for Tidal Disruption Events Based on the SRG/eROSITA Survey with Subsequent Optical Spectroscopy,
    Khorunzhev, G. A., Sazonov, S. Y., Medvedev, P. S., Gilfanov, M. R., Atapin, K. E., Belinski, A. A., Vozyakova, O. V., Dodin, A. V., Safonov, B. S., Tatarnikov, A. M., Bikmaev, I. F., Burenin, R. A., Dodonov, S. N., Eselevich, M. V., Zaznobin, I. A., Krivonos, R. A., Uklein, R. I., Postnov, K. A., & Sunyaev, R. A.
    2022, Astronomy Letters, 48, 767; --> ADS link
  42. Observations of Massive Galaxy Clusters from the All-Sky Survey with the eROSITA Telescope Onboard the SRG Space Observatory,
    Burenin, R. A., Zaznobin, I. A., Medvedev, P. S., Gilfanov, M. R., Kotov, S. S., Uklein, R. I., Dodonov, S. N., Moiseev, A. V., Eselevich, M. V., Bikmaev, I. F., Lyskova, N. S., Meshcheryakov, A. V., Postnov, K. A., Sazonov, S. Y., Starobinsky, A. A., Sunyaev, R. A., & Churazov, E. M.
    2022, Astronomy Letters, 48, 702; --> ADS link
  43. Forbidden hugs in pandemic times. III. Observations of the luminous red nova AT 2021biy in the nearby galaxy NGC 4631,
    Cai, Y.-Z., Pastorello, A., Fraser, M., Wang, X.-F., Filippenko, A. V., Reguitti, A., Patra, K. C., Goranskij, V. P., Barsukova, E. A., Brink, T. G., Elias-Rosa, N., Stevance, H. F., Zheng, W., Yang, Y., Atapin, K. E., Benetti, S., de Boer, T. J. L., Bose, S., Burke, J., Byrne, R., Cappellaro, E., Chambers, K. C., Chen, W.-L., Emami, N., Gao, H., Hiramatsu, D., Howell, D. A., Huber, M. E., Kankare, E., Kelly, P. L., Kotak, R., Kravtsov, T., Lander, V. Y., Li, Z.-T., Lin, C.-C., Lundqvist, P., Magnier, E. A., Malygin, E. A., Maslennikova, N. A., Matilainen, K., Mazzali, P. A., McCully, C., Mo, J., Moran, S., Newsome, M., Oparin, D. V., Padilla Gonzalez, E., Reynolds, T. M., Shatsky, N. I., Smartt, S. J., Smith, K. W., Stritzinger, M. D., Tatarnikov, A. M., Terreran, G., Uklein, R. I., Valerin, G., Vallely, P. J., Vozyakova, O. V., Wainscoat, R., Yan, S.-Y., Zhang, J.-J., Zhang, T.-M., Zheltoukhov, S. G., Dastidar, R., Fulton, M., Galbany, L., Gangopadhyay, A., Ge, H.-W., Gutirrez, C. P., Lin, H., Misra, K., Ou, Z.-W., Salmaso, I., Tartaglia, L., Xiao, L., & Zhang, X.-H.
    2022, A&A, 667, A4; --> ADS link
  44. Arp 58 and Arp 68: two M 51-type systems,
    Zasov, A. V., Saburova, A. S., Egorov, O. V., Lander, V. Y., & Makarov, D. I.
    2022, MNRAS, 516, 656; --> ADS link
  45. GRB 221009A: optical observations, SN photometric evidence,
    Belkin, S., Moskvitin, A., Kim, V., Pozanenko, A., Krugov, M., Uklein, R., Pankov, N., & GRB IKI FuN
    2022, GRB Coordinates Network, 32818, 1; --> ADS link
  46. Asteroid (3200) Phaethon: results of polarimetric, photometric, and spectral observations,
    Kiselev, N. N., Rosenbush, V. K., Petrov, D., Luk'yanyk, I. V., Ivanova, O. V., Pit, N. V., Antoniuk, K. A., & Afanasiev, V. L.
    2022, MNRAS, 514, 4861; --> ADS link
  47. Determination of the Physical Parameters of AGNs in Seyfert 1 Galaxies LEDA 3095839 and VII Zw 244 Based on Spectropolarimetric Observations,
    Shablovinskaya, E., Piotrovich, M., Malygin, E., Buliga, S., & Natsvlishvili, T. 2022, Universe, 8, 383; --> ADS link
  48. The gMOSS: the galaxy survey and galaxy populations of the large homogeneous field,
    Grokhovskaya, A., Dodonov, S. N., Movsessian, T. A., & Kotov, S. S. 2022, MNRAS, 513, 5973; --> ADS link
  49. On accretion in the eclipsing polar BS Tri,
    Kolbin, A. I., Borisov, N. V., Serebriakova, N. A., Shimansky, V. V., Katysheva, N. A., Gabdeev, M. M., & Shugarov, S. Y. 2022, MNRAS, 511, 20; --> ADS link
  50. Observational insights on the formation scenarios of giant low surface brightness galaxies,
    Saburova, A., Chilingarian, I., Kasparova, A., Sil'chenko, O., Katkov, I., Grishin, K., & Uklein, R. 2022, Astronomy at the Epoch of Multimessenger Studies, 395; --> ADS link
  51. SRGe2149+6736 - the new candidate to AM Her type variables discovered by eROSITA telescope on "Spectrum -Roentgen--Gamma" orbital observatory,
    Bikmaev I. F., Kolbin A. I., Shimansky V. V., Khamitov I. M., Irtuganov E. N., Nikolaev E. A., Sakhibullin N. A., Gumerov R. I., Burenin R. A., Gilfanov M. R., Zaznobin I.A., Krivonos R .A., Medvedev P. S., Mescheryakov A. V., Sazonov S. Yu., Sunyaev R. A., Khorunzhev G. A., Moiseev A. V., Malygin E. A., Shablovinskaya E. S., Zheltoukhov S. G.
    2022, Astronomy Letters, 48, 530; --> ADS link
  52. The gas kinematics and origin in the disk galaxy NGC2655,
    Sil'chenko O.K., Moiseev A.V., Gusev A.S., Kozlova D.V. ,
    2022, Astrophysical Bulletin, accepted; Russian PDF
  53. Stellar feedback impact on the ionized gas kinematics in the dwarf galaxy Sextans A,
    Gerasimov I., Egorov O., Lozinskaya T., Moiseev A. V., Oparin D.V.
    2022, MNRAS, 517, 4968; --> ADS link
  54. Young star formation regions in the ring of S0 galaxy NGC 4324,
    Proshina I. S., Moiseev A. V., Sil'chenko O. K.,
    2022, Astronomy Letters, 48, 139; --> ADS link
  55. Search for Distant and X-ray Luminous Quasars during the SRG/eROSITA Sky Survey (the DaLeQo Program). The First Results from Observations at the BTA Telescope,
    Khorunzhev G. A., Dodonov S. N., Meshcheryakov A. V., Moiseev A. V., Grokhovskaya A. A., Kotov S. S., Malygin E. A., Uklein R. I,. Shablovinskaya E. S., Medvedev P. S. ; Borisov, V. D., Burenin R. A., Krivonos R. A., Uskov, G. S., Zaznobin I. A., Sunyaev R. A., Sazonov S. Yu., Gilfanov M. R.
    2022, Astronomy Letters, 48, 69; --> ADS link
  56. Follow-Up of Extended Shells around B[e] Stars" Liimets Tiina, Kraus Michaela, Moiseev, Alexei, Duronea Nicolas, Cidale Lydia Sonia, Farina Cecilia
    2022, Galaxy, 10, 41; --> ADS link
  57. BTA spectroscopy of J1430+2303 SMBH merger candidate,
    Alexei V. Moiseev, Darya V. Kozlova, Sergey S. Kotov
    2022, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 15319
  58. BAT/Scorpio-2 spectroscopic classification of Gaia microlensing event candidates"
    Zielinski P., Grokhovskaya A., Shablovinskaya E., Moiseev A. ,Gromadzki M., Wyrzykowski L., Ihanec, N. Gezer I., Jablonska M., Kruszynska K., Rybicki K. A., Mikolajczyk P. Maskoliuna M., Pakstiene E., Zdanavicius J.
    2022, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 15195
  59. The TELPERION Survey for Distant [O III] Clouds around Luminous and Hibernating AGN,
    Keel W.C., Moiseev A., Kozlova D.V., Ikhsanova A.I., Oparin D.V., Uklein R.I., Smirnova A.A.
    2022 MNRAS, 510, 4608; --> ADS link
  60. The Main Ionization Sources of Gas in Several Nearby Star Forming Galaxies,
    Jalalabadi Behjat Zarei, Abedi Abbas, Moiseev Alexei V.,
    2021, Iranian Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 8, 49 the IJAA page
  61. Star formation in the nearby dwarf galaxy DDO 53: interplay between gas accretion and stellar feedback,
    Egorov, O. V.; Lozinskaya T. A. ; Vasiliev, K. I. ; Yarovova, A. D. ; Gerasimov, I. S. ; Kreckel, K. ; Moiseev, A. V.
    2021, MNRAS, 508, 2650; --> ADS link
  62. First tidal disruption events discovered by SRG/eROSITA: X-ray/optical properties and X-ray luminosity function at z<0.6,
    Sazonov, S. ; Gilfanov, M. ; Medvedev, P. ; Yao, Y. ; Khorunzhev, G. ; Semena, A. ; Sunyaev, R. ; Burenin, R. ; Lyapin, A. ; Mescheryakov, A. ; Uskov, G. ; Zaznobin, I. ; Postnov, K. A. ; Dodin, A. V. ; Belinski, A. A. ; Cherepashchuk, A. M. ; Eselevich, M. ; Dodonov, S. N. ; Grokhovskaya, A. A. ; Kotov, S. S. Bikmaev, I. F. ; Zhuchkov, R. Ya. ; Gumerov, R. I. ; van Velzen, S. ; Kulkarni, S.
    2021, MNRAS, 508, 3820; --> ADS link
  63. New outburst of J12355222+2755559,
    A. Vinokurov, A. F. Valeev, K. Atapin, Alexei V. Moiseev
    2021, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 15107
  64. GRB 211023A: BTA spectroscopic redshift ,
    Pozanenko, A. ; Moiseev, A. ; Moskvitin, A. ; Malygin, E. ; Belkin, S. ; Pankov, N. ; Kim, V. ; IKI FuN, GRB ; Rossi, A. search by orcid ; Kann, D. A.
    2021, GRB Coordinates Network, GCN 31053
  65. Spectroscopic confirmation and photometry of the nova candidate AT2021ypn,
    Vinokurov, A. ; Fabrika, S. ; Sarkisyan, A. ; Solovyeva, Yu. ; Grokhovskaya, A. ; Valcheva, A. ; Nedialkov, P.
    2021, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 14919
  66. Spectral classification of the AT2020abjr near M31 galaxy,
    Valeev, A. F. ; Vinokurov, A. ; Fabrika, S. ; Borisov, N. V. ; Grokhovskaya, A. A. ; Solovyeva, Yu
    2021, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 14269
  67. Observation of a very massive galaxy cluster at z=0.76 in SRG/eROSITA all-sky survey,
    Burenin, R. A. ; Bikmaev, I. F. ; Gilfanov, M. R. ; Grokhovskaya, A. A. ; Dodonov, S. N. ; Eselevich, M. V. ; Zaznobin, I. A. ; Irtuganov, E. N. ; Lyskova, N. S. ; Medvedev, P. S. ; Meshcheryakov, A. V. ; Moiseev, A. V. ; Sazonov, S. Yu.; Starobinsky, A. A. ; Sunyaev, R. A. ; Uklein, R. I. ; Khabibullin, I. I. ; Khamitov, I. M. ; Churazov, E. M.
    2021, Astronomy Letters, 47, 443; --> ADS link
  68. Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer of the 6-m SAO RAS Telescope,
    Moiseev A. V.
    2021, Astrophysical Bulletin, 76, 316; --> ADS link ; Russian PDF;
  69. Photometric and Long-Slit Spectroscopy of Split Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS),
    Ivanova O., Luk'yanyk I., Tomko D., Moiseev A.
    2021, MNRAS, 507, 5376; --> ADS link
  70. PV Cep and V350 Cep: stars on the way between FUors AND EXors"
    H.R. Andreasyan, Magakian T. Yu., Movsessian T. A., Moiseev A.V.
    2021, Astrophysics, 64, 187 --> ADS link
  71. Resolving the circumstellar environment of the Galactic B[e] supergiant star MWC137. II. Nebular kinematics and stellar variability,
    Kraus M., Liimets T., Moiseev A., Sanchez Arias J. P. , Nickeler D. H., Cidale L. S., Jones D.
    2021, ApJ, 162, 150 ; --> ADS link
  72. Proper motions of spectrally selected structures in the HH 83 outflow"
    Movsessian T. A., Magakian T. Yu., Moiseev A.V.
    2021, A&A, accepted; --> ADS link
  73. Observations of distant comet C/2011 KP36 (Spacewatch): photometry, spectroscopy, and polarimetry"
    Ivanova, Oleksandra ; Rosenbush, Vera ; Luk'yanyk, Igor ; Kolokolova, Ludmilla ; Kleshchonok, Valery ; Kiselev, Nikolai ; Afanasiev, Viktor ; Renee Kirk, Zachary
    2021, A&A, 651, id.A29 ; --> ADS link
  74. Search for gas accretion imprints in voids: II. The galaxy Ark 18 as a result of a dwarf-dwarf merger,
    Egorova, E. S.; Egorov, O. V.; Moiseev, A. V.; Saburova, A. S.; Grishin, K. A.; Chilingarian, I. V.
    2021, MNRAS, 504, 6179; --> ADS link
  75. Spectroscopic observation of LBV outburst (TCP J12355222+2755559) ,
    Valeev, A. F.; Vinokurov, A.; Solovyeva, Yu.; Shablovinskaya, E. S.
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