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Data base on the Local Volume Objects
UGC12894 WLM And XVIII PAndAS-03 PAndAS-04 PAndAS-05 ESO409-015 AGC748778
And XX UGC00064 ESO349-031 NGC0024 NGC0045 PiscesA NGC0055 NGC0059
ESO410-005 LV J0015-3825 And XIX IC0010 JKB129 And XXVI Sc22 Cetus
ESO294-010 UGC00288 And XXV ESO473-024 NGC0147 ScuSR And III Cas III
MESSIER031 DDO226 And I And XI NGC0247 And XII NGC0253 Scl-MM-Dw1
KDG002 DDO006 Scl-MM-Dw2 ESO540-032 Bol520 And XIV And XIII SMC
And IX NGC0300 LV J0055-2310 PAndAS-48 And XVI Sculptor PAndAS-50 LGS 3
IC1613 And X UGC00685 KKH5 PAndAS-C02 AM0106-382 NGC0404 And V
And XV And II And XXIV PiscesB PAndAS-55 PAndAS-56 And XXII PAndAS-57
UGC01056 PAndAS-58 And XXIII UGC01104 AGC112454 MESSIER033 AGC114027 KKH6
NGC0625 NGC0628 AGC112503 UGC01171 DDO013 AGC112521 KK13 KDG010
KK14 ESO245-005 JKB142 KK15 N672dwB N672dwA IC1727 NGC0672
UGC01281 Phoenix KK16 KK17 NGC0784 UGC01561 Cetus III Cas1
UGC01703 Triangulum II NGC0855 Segue 2 [TT2009] 25 UGC01807 NGC0891 Eridanus 3
[TT2009] 30 KKH11 [KK2000] 03 DDO019 d0226+3325 NGC0925 Halogas KKH12
DDO022 DDO025 DDO024 MB1 Maffei1 ESO115-021 Fornax Maffei2
UGC02172 AGC122226 AGC123352 Dw2 Horologium 1 MB3 ESO154-023 Dw1
AGC124056 ESO199-007 NGC1156 N1156dw1 N1156dw2 LV J0300+2546 Perseus I KKH18
ESO300-014 ESO300-016 Horologium 2 NGC1291 NGC1313 NGC1311 UGC02684 KK27
[KK2000] 08 UGC02716 UGC02773 IC1959 Reticulum 2 PGC013294 NGC1400 Eridanus 2
KKH22 KK35 IC0342 UGC02905 UGCA086 IC2038 NGC1533 ESO483-013
CamA NGC1592 NGC1569 UGCA092 NGC1560 NGC1637 Pictoris 1 CamB
NGC1705 HIPASS J0457-42 NGC1744 ESO486-021 NGC1800 UGCA105 HIPASS J0517-32 KKH30
LMC UGC03303 ESO553-046 KK49 Orion GALFA-Dw4 A0554+07 KKH34
ESO364-029 HIPASS J0607-34 NGC2188 ESO121-020 LV J0616-5745 UGCA127sat UGCA127 WHI B0619-07
N2146sat ESO489-056 HIPASS J0630+08 UGC03475 UGC03476 ESO490-017 CGMW1-260 UGC03501
KK55 Carina IC2171 Pictor II NGC2283 KKSG9 KKH37 KKH38
UGC03600 HIZSS003B HIZSS003 FG202 HIPASS J0705-20 ESO558-011 UGC03698 NGC2337
UGC03755 UGC03817 HIZSS008 DDO043 NGC2366 HIZSS012 ESO059-001 DDO044
AGC174585 HIZSS014 NGC2403 LV J0737+4724 DDO046 DDO047 KK65 MADCASH J0742+65dw
HIZSS021 KKH40 CGCG 262-028 AGC174605 UGC04115 HIZOA J0800-36 HIPASS J0801-21 NGC2500
HIZSS033 LV J0812+4836 NGC2537 IC2233 NGC2541 HolmII NGC2552 ESO006-001
ESO495-008 AGC188955 KDG052 KUG 0821+321 CGMW2-3473 DDO052 LV J0831+4104 DDO053
ESO495-021 UGC04483 AGC181604 LV J0843+4025 ESO496-010 AGC182595 UMa II NGC2683
KK69 LV 0853+3318 N2683dw2 KK70 KSP-DW1 KSP-DW3 KSP-DW4 UGC04704
LV J0859+3923 LSBC D564-08 ESO497-004 KSP-DW6 HIPASS J0905-36 UGC04787 KKH46 KSP-DW11
KSP-DW17 KSP-DW18 KK72 NGC2784 dw01 NGC2784 KK73 UGCA153 LV J0913+1937
KK74 KSP-DW20 KSP-DW21 AGC198507 KSP-DW23 UGC04879 KSP-DW24 HIPASS J0916-23b
KSP-DW28 NGC2835 NGC2787 LSBC D565-06 UGC04932 KSP-DW30 KJ78 DDO062
AGC198508 ESO565-003 MCG +09-16-010 UGC04998 LV J0926+3343 NGC2915 [CKT2009]d0926+70 UGC05047
KDG056 NGC2903-HI-1 NGC2903 ESO373-007 UGC05086 [CKT2009]d0934+70 CGCG 035-007 LeoT
LV J0935-1348 [CKT2009]d0939+71 LV J0939-2507 KISSB023 KUG 0937+480 KDG058 HolmI UGC05186
AGC198691 LV J0944-2254 [CKT2009]d0944+69 [CKT2009]d0944+71 IC0559 F8D1 UGC05209 FM1
RKK1610 NGC2976 AGC191803 Antlia B KK77 KK78 DDO064 UGC05288
NGC3037 BK3N LV J0954+3620 KKSG15 [CKT2009]d0955+70 MESSIER081 JKB83 MESSIER082
LV J0956-0929 DDO068C DDO068 KDG061 KDG61em PGC154449 ClumpI A0952+69
HolmIX PGC28789 AGC718245 [CKT2009]d0958+66 AGC198712 LeoA [CKT2009]d0959+68 KKSG16
SexB KKH57 LV J1000+5022 LV J1000+3032 ClumpIII MCG -01-26-009 KKSG17 UGCA193
NGC3109 NGC3077 GARLAND ESO499-038 NGC3104 Antlia BK5N UGC05427
KDG063 NGC3115 UGC05423 d1005+68 KDG065 KKSG18 [CKT2009]d1006+67 KDG064
Segue 1 UGC05456 KKH58 IKN LeoI AGC208477 PGC1099440 [CKT2009]d1009+70
SexA UGC05497 SexDSph [CKT2009]d1014+68 [CKT2009]d1015+69 KUG 1013+414 LV J1017+2922 NGC3184
LV J1018+4109 PGC30114 UGC05571 HIJASS J1021+6842 HS117 LV J1021+0054 LeoP AGC731448
KKSG19 NGC3239 DDO078 UGC05672 IC2574 LV J1028+4240 [CKT2009]d1028+70 AGC749315
DDO082 LV J1030+0607 AGC205156 AGC731457 NGC3274 BK6N UMa I AGC202248
PGC2277751 ESO501-023 LeG03 KUG 1033+366B NGC3299 DDO083 AGC205165 AGC200499
AGC208397 UGC05797 LeG04 LeG05 LeG06 AGC208399 UGC05812 [CKT2009]d1041+70
FS04 LeG09 DDO084 N3344dw1 AGC205268 ESO376-016 NGC3344 LeG10
NGC3351 LeG11 LeG12 AGC205445 LeG13 LeG14 KK93 LeG16
LeG17 NGC3368 LeG18 LeG19 KK94 LeG21 DDO088 ESO318-013
NGC3377 NGC3379 NGC3384 PGC032348 UGC05923 Willman1 DDO087 LeG22
MRK1265 AGC740112 LeG23 UGC05944 KK96 NGC3412 NGC3413 LeG26
AGC205540 KKH65 AGC205544 LV J1052+3628 UGC05983 AGC202456 LeG27 NGC3432
LV J1052+3639 KDG073 LeG28 UGC06014 LSBC D640-12 LSBC D640-13 HS1053+3624 ESO215-009
VV747 CGCG 095-078 LSBC D640-14 AGC205278 NGC3489 LeG33 LSBC D640-08 CGCG 066-109
KKSG20 MRK0036 UGC06145 NGC3521sat NGC3521 KKSG22 NGC3556 DDO092
LeoII NGC3593 AGC202256 AGC740666 IC2684 NGC3621 AGC215354 PGC034671
NGC3627 AGC213436 KKH67 IC2787 IC2791 UGC06456 AGC213091 KDG078
KKH68 LeoV HIPASS J1131-31 LeoIV HIPASS J1133-32 UGC06541 KKH69 NGC3738
NGC3741 Crater ESO320-014 [KK98] 108 UGC06757 KK109 DDO097 LV J1149+1715
Crater 2 HIZOA J1149-62 KKH73 DDO099 Grapes PGC3401153 AGC215145 ESO379-007
UGC06881 PGC4561602 KDG81 MCG +05-28-046 KDG082 NGC3990 LV J1157+56sat LV J1157+5638
LV J1158+1535 BTS76 ESO572-034 Virgo I KUG 1157+315 LV J1203+4739 LV J1203+3257 NGC4068
NGC4080 ESO379-024 IC2992 KUG 1202+286 PGC4310323 LV J1205+2813 PGC4560429 MAPS1206+31
LV J1207+3133 UGC07131 NGC4136 MCG +06-27-017 NGC4144 IC3023 N4258dwC NGC4150
NGC4163 [KK98] 125 KK127 NGC4190 LV J1213+2957 ESO321-014 UGC07242 VCC0114
KDG090 UGC7257 NGC4204 UGC07267 UGC07271 NGC4214 MCG +09-20-131 LV J1215+4732
VCC0169 IC3077 UGC07298 NGC4236 LV J1217+4703 UGC07320 NGC4244 NGC4242
LV J1217+3231 UGC7321 KKH78 NGC4248 LV J1218+4655 AGC229053 KDG098 PGC4555586
IC3104 BTS116 NGC4258 KK132 KDG101 PGC039646 KK133 KK134
KK135 d1219+4705 IC 779 PGC213976 VCC0381 PGC39764 [KKH2011]S11 NGC4288
KK136 CVnHI VCC0429 KUG 1218+387 d1220+4649 DDO120 PGC1853813 KDG104
Hydra II KDG105 UGC7427 NGC4308 KK138 KKSG27 GR34 PGC4323538
VCC0565 KK141 PGC40195 IC3247 BTS132 BTS133 PGC5059199 N4258dwB
UGC07485 IC3308 KK144 UGC07512 AGC749236 VCC0841 NGC4395 DDO123
UGCA281 IC3341 SBS 1224+533 ComaI DDO126 DDO125 UGC07584 KKH80
NGC4449 DDO127 UGC07596 UGC07605 NGC4455 DDO129 LV J1228+4358 NGC4460
KK149 UGC07639 UGC07636 UGC07642 KK151 NGC4485 AGC229379 NGC4490
AGC724906 CGCG 014-054 MAPS1231+42 DDO131 UGC07678 UGC07690 AGC229089 NGC4517
UGC07699 DDO133 NGC4509 BTS142 KDG155 KK152 PGC041749 UGC7719
NGC4534 UGC7751 LV J1235-1104 NGC4559 UGC07774 VCC1675 IC3583 MAPS1236+33
IC3591 AGC220847 KKSG29 Arp211 VCC1713 KKSG30 VCC1725 KKSG31
UGCA292 N4594-DGSAT-3 UGC07827 Sombrero DwA KKSG32 KDG177 NGC4594 NGC4605
AGC749241 dw1240-42 BTS146 SUCD1 KKSG33 KDG178 VCC1822 NGC4597
NGC4600 PGC4074723 HSC-9 NGC 4631dw1 Sombrero DwB KKSG34 dw1241-32 NGC4618
AGC224291 LV J1241+3251 NGC4625 NGC4627 NGC 4631dw2 NGC4631 N4625A IC3687
HSC-10 NGC 4631dw3 PGC42772 dw1243-42b dw1243-42 BTS151 LV J1243+3232 KDG192
LV J1243+4127 KK160 NGC4656 NGC4656UV [KK2000] 51 DDO143 UGCA294 ESO381-018
IC3718 ESO381-020 VCC2033 VCC2037 UGCA298 UGC07950 DDO147 FGC1497
HIPASS J1247-77 NGC4688 KK164 NGC4707 DDO148 KK165 NGC4700 KK166
MAPS1249+44 SDSS J124936.90+215505.7 UGC07983 UGC07990 NGC4736 BTS157 KK167 IC3840
dw1251-40 dw1252-40 dw1252-43 NGC4765 PGC3272767 KKSG38 KKSG39 DDO153
DDO154 UGC08030 ESO443-009 dw1255+40 KDG215 ESO219-010 KDG216 UGC08061
NGC4826 CVnII dw1257-41 MCG-02-33-075 dw1258-37 GR8 HIPASS J1258-04 NGC4861
KK176 UGC08105 PGC1059300 dw1301-30 UGCA319 KK177 dw1302-40 dw1303+42
DDO161 ESO269-037 KK180 KK182 NGC4945 dw1305+41 KDG218 IC4182
dw1305+38 DDO165 dw1306-29 MCG -03-34-002 UGC08215 UGC08245 dw1308+40 MCG -04-31-038
ESO269-058 [KK2000] 53 NGC5023 KK189 CGCG 217-018 KKH82 dw1313+46 ESO269-066
NGC5011C DDO167 KK191 LV J1313+1003 UGC08313 dw1314-28 DDO168 DDO169NW
DDO169 KK193 NGC5055 dw1315-45 CGCG 189-050 KK194 AGC239141 dw1318-21
NGC5068 dw1318-44 CenA-MM-Dw5 AGC732602 dw1321-27 KK195 [KK2000] 54 KK196
NGC5102 KK197 dw1322-27 [KK2000] 55 dw1322-39 KK198 PGC725719 CenA-MM-Dw4
AM1320-230 dw1323-40c dw1323-40b KK200 dw1323-40 NGC5128 dw1325-33 CenA-MM-Dw6
dw1326-29 dw1326-37 CenA-MM-Dw7 dw1326-35 IC4247 dw1327+51 KK203 ESO324-024
PGC2229803 CVnI dw1328-29 LV J1328+4937 dw1329-45 PGC170257 NGC5204 NGC5194
CenA-MM-Dw2 dw1329-32 NGC5195 dw1330-34 dw1330-33 CenA-MM-Dw1 CenA-MM-Dw3 dw1330-38
UGC08508 dw1330-32 dw1331-40 dw1331-37 AGC238890 UGCA361 CenA-MM-Dw9 CenA-MM-Dw8
NGC5206 NGC5229 NGC5238 ESO270-017 dw1335-29 UGCA365 dw1336-32 KK208
dw1336-44 MCG +08-25-028 NGC5236 HIDEEP J1337-33 dw1337-33 dw1337-26 ESO444-084 HIPASS J1337-39
dw1337-44 NGC5237 dw1337-41 dw1338+50 UGC08638 UGC08647 DDO181 NGC5253
IC4316 dw1340-30 dw1340+45 dw1341-33 NGC5264 dw1341-43 [KK2000] 57 KK211
LV J1342+4840 DDO182 dw1342-43 dw1343+58 KK213 dw1343-34 ESO325-011 [KK2000] 58
KK217 KK218 ESO174-001 CenN HIPASS J1348-37 KK221 ESO383-087 DDO183
HIPASS J1351-47 HIZOA J1353-58 KDG229 KKH86 HolmIV UGC08833 GBT 1355+5439 dw1355+51
M101Dw9 KK227 dw1357-28 ESO384-016 BootesIII UGC08882 BootesII BootesI
NGC5398 dw1401-32 M101Dw10 M101-df3 MESSIER101 dw1403-33 NGC5408 M101-df1
M101dwD M101-df5 PGC2448110 NGC5474 M101dwC NGC5477 M101-df7 dw1406-29
M101-dwA KK230 M101Dw7 M101-df4 M101-df6 M101-df2 dw1408+56 M101dwB
dw1409-33 M101Dw11 dw1410-34 M101Dw14 dw1412+56 dw1413-34 CIRCINUS KKH87
dw1415-32 DDO187 dw1416+57 KKR08 NGC5585 DDO190 PGC051659 Centaurus A-dE5
ESO222-010 DDO194 MRK0475 HIPASS J1441-62 ESO272-025 dw1446+58 UGC09540 ESO273-014
ESO223-009 UGC09660 UMin ESO274-001 HIPASS J1526-51 HIZOA J1528-52 UGC09992 KKR25
HIZOA J1616-55 ESO137-018 Hercules KDG235 Draco Milky Way IC4662 NGC6503
NGC6503-d1 IC4710 NGC6684 Sag dSph ESO104-022 [KK2000] 70 UGC11411 [KK2000] 71
NGC6744 ESO104-044 [KK2000] 72 NGC6789 Sag dIr IC4870 NGC6822 LV J1952+1428
KK246 IC4951 UGC11583 KK251 KK252 NGC6946 KKR55 DDO210
KKR56 Cepheus1 IC5052 KKR59 KKR60 Kim2 Segue 3 NGC7090
IC5152 IC5201 ESO238-005 AM2220-460 Pegasus III And XXVIII Aquarius 2 KK258
Tucana Tucana 2 Grus 1 Lac I PiscesII AF7448_001 NGC7462 ApplesI
NGC7640 UGC12588 UGCA438 Cas dSph ESO347-017 Pegasus DDO217 IC5332
LV J2335-3713 NGC7713 UGC12713 Phoenix 2 PGC680341 UGCA442 KKH98 ESO348-009
Peg dSph ESO149-003 And XXI Tucana III PAndAS-01 NGC7793 PAndAS-02 PGC704814
And XXIX              

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